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WE AT TRANSWORLD take pleasure in introducing ourselves as one of the fastest growing financial services companies in India today. It was in the year 1995 when we got our self clearing and trading membership license from the National Stock Exchange of India that we started on our maiden voyage on this road filled with excitement. Since then we have witnessed many different facets of this dynamic trade, there have been many occasions when the economy along with its constituents encountered very harsh tests of character and commitment. Some of these economical disturbances threatened the very existence of some of our industry’s operatives. Where many seasoned stalwarts succumbed to the pressure and threw in the towel, we managed to not only survive but also grow and today we are stronger than ever. It was our utmost dedication and devotion to the principles set forth by our founder Mr. D S Chadha that helped us to sail through the rough waters. He has taught us that integrity and honesty are the heart of our business and every member of the TRANSWORLD family is expected to maintain the highest ethical standards in everything they do both in their work for the company as well as their personal lives. At TRANSWORLD it is a part of our characteristic to place our client’s interest at the highest priority, our experience has taught us that if we manage to serve our clients well our own success will follow, hence we make an unusual effort to constantly improvise upon the quality of services that we provide to our customers. We do believe that size is a big asset in our trade but if required to make a choice we would choose to be the best instead of the biggest.

Today, we are a wholly integrated stock broking company having the pleasure and honor of providing a bouquet of financial service to more than 10,000 satisfied clients both individual as well as corporate. We have managed to extend our presence from having just one office in New Delhi to the present 25 locations spanning from the northern state of J&K to the great city of Mumbai. A major part of our success has been the dedication of our people to the organization and the intense effort with which they perform their duties.From being members of just one stock exchange at the time of inception i.e.

The National Stock Exchange (NSE), we have added to our profile the corporate membership of The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), corporate membership of The Delhi Stock Exchange (DSE), corporate Clearing and Trading membership for the Futures & Options segment of NSE (F&O), Depository Participant membership of NSDL, Depository participant membership of CDSL, Corporate membership for Commodity trading on NCDEX and MCX.

Today with the esteemed patronage of our clients and the inestimable dedication of our subordinates we continue on our endeavor towards greater heights with the fundamentals of integrity and honesty deeply enshrined in our character.